Named user licence counts report AX 2012 R3 CU10

You’ll know that AX 2012 comes with a batch job which runs periodically (every week) which tracks users and their CAL licence level (based upon their security roles).

This is the batch job:

I’ve added the company to the Job description simply because in this Overview grid you can’t filter by the Company accounts column – and in a busy system it’s sometimes useful to be able to filter jobs by the company that they run in.

The data written by this job is reported back to you in two reports:

I ran the Named User Licence Counts History report and got this:

But the Named User Licence Counts report was blank:

There used to be a problem with this report, and my immediate reaction was that this hadn’t been fixed, but of course it has been fixed.

The batch job runs in the dat company – so this report only works if you log into to the dat company – do that and you get:

Well that was nice and easy.