Enterprise search in the AX 2012 R3 CU8 demo hyper-v image

The enterprise search field sits at the top of the Dynamics AX menu, but, as delivered isn’t functioning. For instance, you know that there’s a company called ‘Desert Wholesalers’ in the USMF company in the demo Hyper-V image, but enter Desert in search box, and you’re in for a disappointment:

Fortunately, the setup required is well documented in TechNet (here), and most of that setup has already been done in the standard demo image.

First check that SharePoint Search is configured correctly. Search for SharePoint Central Administration in your start menu, and then navigate to System settings > Manage services on Server:

Check that SharePoint Server Search is running:

Then go back to the SharePoint Central Administration and click Application management > Manage Service Applications.

Click the Contoso BDC Application (Business Data Connectivity Service Application) and Contoso Search Service (Search Service Application) links and verify that the pages load without errors:

Verify the Business Connector proxy account for Search services. Go to Systems administration > Setup > System > System service accounts:

Note that the Business connector proxy account is ‘Admin’ – like me you’re currently logged on as ‘Administrator’, but there are, in fact, two Dynamics AX admin users in the demo environment:

Assign the ‘Search crawler’ role to Dynamics AX user related to the BC proxy account (as shown above).

In SharePoint Central Administration, click Security, and then click Configure Service Accounts. In the Credential Management list, click Windows Service – Search Host Controller Service and verify that the BC proxy is selected:

Click OK to save your changes.

Repeat for the Windows Service – SharePoint Server Search service.

The TechNet instructions then tell you to stop and re-start the Search Host Controller Service and the SharePoint Server Search services, but because we haven’t made any changes this shouldn’t be necessary. The TechNet instructions then tell you to setup the Diagnostic logging, but that’s all setup in demo hyper-v so we’ll skip that as well, so the next step is to locate a query in the AOT and enable it for Search. I used the CustTable query:

After you have configured queries for Search, update caches so that the changes are available in the Search Configuration Wizard. In the AOT, click the Tools menu, click Caches, and then click Refresh elements (or just go home and come back tomorrow morning).

The last step is that you must reset the permissions of the Search Crawler role to read-only for all searchable entities. Go to System administration > Setup > Search > Update search crawler role, and click OK:

(It’ll take a while).

Now back to the Search field, let’s type in Desert again: