Enable client access to AOS printers in the AX 2012 R3 CU8 demo hyper-v image

Note. This article is for the setup of the demo hyper-v environment and shouldn’t be applied to production Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 configurations. Obviously you must not muck about with the configuration of your live Dynamics AX environment unless you know what you’re doing, and probably not even then.

The label setup for the new Warehouse management module allows you to define label formats and printers.

Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Document routing > Document routing. Click on New in the Document routing printers fast tab and you’ll notice that the Printer name drop-list is blank:

The reason for this is given in this Technet article, quote “By default, users cannot print documents or reports from a printer connected to a Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server (AOS). You must enable printing in the AOS and client configuration files, as defined in this topic.”

You need to change the AOS configuration file and the client configuration. I’ve logged into the demo hyper-v as ‘admin’ (not administrator) but I’m not entirely sure that that’s necessary. Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration program by navigating to the start menu and searching for it:

You should see:

The ‘Original (installed configuration) can’t be changed, so Manage > Create configuration; give your configuration and name; and click OK:

Now you can see that we are working in your new configuration, and we can tick the ‘Allow clients to connect to printers on this server’ checkbox:

Click Apply and the system prompts us to restart the AOS:

Click Yes and the system tells you that it’s stopping, and later starting, the AOS. The AOS can take too long to start and you might receive a warning message that you must restart the service manually from the Control panel > Administrative tools > Services, but by the time you get there, the AOS will have started:

The next step is to set the client configuration. This time we need the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Configuration utility:

This should give you:

Same deal as before, we need a new configuration. Click on Manage > Create configuration; give your configuration and name and click OK:

Now we want the Connection tab, and to tick the ‘Connect to printers on the server’ checkbox:

Click Apply and OK and you’re done.

Open Dynamics AX, and back in the Document routing form you’ll see the admin user’s shared printers (the AOS is running as ‘admin’):

Incidentally that default ‘Label’ printer is setup to print to text files, the text file location is shown in the printer’s ‘Printer properties’. So far I haven’t had any success in changing that:

More information on Warehouse management label printing can be found in the articles referenced by Lachlan Cash is his most excellent blog series here.