Customer search in Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Continuing my occasional series as I’m getting reacquainted with Dynamics 365 for Operations after a few month’s absence, we were looking at the new way the customer search has been implemented on the create sales order form.

Let’s go to the Sales and marketing > Sales orders > All sales orders list page and click New:

Now I could enter the customer account if I knew it, but let’s just start typing the first few characters of a name. I’ve typed “For” and stopped. I don’t hit enter. After the shortest of pauses, I see:

Pretty neat, but what if I typed “Wholesale”?

Oops. But notice that filter icon next to the Name. Click on it and:

Obviously I can change ‘begins with’ to ‘contains’ and I see:

.. all of my wholesalers.

But you can’t game the system by typing *Whole* in the customer name:

Well, not until you click on the filter icon:

Obviously that hasn’t helped too much, but clear those back-slashes, and even though the search criteria says ‘begins with’, is now acts as ‘contains’, so:

Gives, (when you click on ‘Apply’):

Exactly the same thing happens when you create a new purchase order and you’re entering a vendor account:

A similar thing happens as Item search on sales order lines and purchase order lines – but it’s using the ‘Search name’ field and not the Product name

Of course you can filter by Product name (or any other field) just by clicking on the column heading – don’t forget to clear your other applied filter though. I remember I once saw someone searching for a 50mm bolt by simply searching for *50mm* in the product name. Converted me from holding everything in separate fields to text search in an instant.

As an aside, don’t forget that you can create sales orders from a customer record, and of course you can customise your customer list page list grid to show whichever search fields would be useful to you.

And you can create a purchase order from a vendor.

Happy AX’ing. Or I we should say 365-ing, or Operations-ing?

4 thoughts on “Customer search in Dynamics 365 for Operations.

  1. hi tim & matt

    i have enabled partial searches in Sales and marketing search parameter
    however, as the searching critirion is by default using ‘begins with’, so i can’t really do the searching with result like *XXX* in ax2012.
    do u guys know where i can change the defualt searching critirion ? so user no need to change everytime
    From ‘begins with’ to ‘ contains’ .



    • Hi Jimmy, you actually don’t need to change ‘Begins with’ to ‘Contains’, just enter the * wild cards before and after the ‘Contains’ string. Like *ware* . That should perform the search you want even though the selection says ‘Begins with’


  2. Hi Tim, the AX2012 R3 customer search functionality is still in D365 Ops, you set this up under the sales and marketing module and enables partial searches etc without the use of wild card
    Cheers Matt


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