Production reporting with the Production Floor app

If you connect your Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 demo image to the outside world (use the Hyper-V manager Virtual switch manager to create an External virtual network and add it as a Network adapter in your image) you can jump onto the App store and download Dynamics AX apps:

You probably know that you can run the apps in Demo mode, but we can do better than that.

Once again I’m indebted to Lachlan Cash. Here is the process used to connect the Production floor app to Dynamics AX,

So follow the steps in the video, open the app and you’ll see:

You’re looking at the jobs related to released and started production orders, so if you want your own production order to show up it’ll have to have a route, and you’ll have had to Job schedule and Release it. So I’ve done that using the demo item D0003 and here’s my production order. Production control > Common > Production orders > All production orders:

Back in the app I search for the production order and the app shows me the jobs:

So let’s start the first job. Click on the tile:

Then click on start job:

Note that back in good old Dynamics AX the production order status is now ‘Started’:

Back in the app, find your ‘Running’ job and click on ‘Report progress’:

The app displays the Report progress form:

Let’s accept the defaults and click ‘OK:

After refresh our running job disappears from the app:

When we look at the jobs on the Production order we can see that we have Ended the first job:

And we’ve written two Route card journals (one for the quantity, one for the hours), and in this case we’ve written a Picking list journal to backflush our components:

That’s pretty neat.