The new Business process modelling experience in LCS.

If you’re working on a Dynamics 365 for Operations project, you’ll know that the implementation process is managed through Lifecycle Services (LCS,

We’re just at the stage in our current project where we’re starting to document our business processes, and we’re looking at the task recorder so that we can record task guides.

I was going to document the process for recording and playing task recordings, but Donald Hilton beat me to it – so see his post: Task Recorder Help in Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Each Dynamics 365 for Operations environment is deployed from an LCS project, so there’s no setup inside of Dynamics 365 for Operations except for the Help Systems parameters at Systems administration > Setup > System parameters:

I haven’t found that this setup filters the list of libraries that you can select when recording or playing task recordings, but maybe I’ve missed something.

Anyway, in your LCS project you can use the Business process modelling tool to setup and maintain your hierarchy of business processes:

Click on that option and you see all of your Business process libraries, and a new option ‘View this page in the updated BPM experience’:

This opens a new page and that has an Import option:

The Import parameters include a thoughtful ‘Download template’ option:

And, if you used the business process hierarchies with the task recorder in Dynamics AX 2012, the import format will look familiar.

Like many reseller, Intergen have used our own business process hierarchy which has evolved over all of our Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Operations projects, and this option will provide us an easy way to setup our own Business process hierarchy so that we can re-use as much of our existing documentation as possible.

We’re still finding our way through the process of modelling our business process hierarchies in LCS and using Task recordings and Task guides. There are a couple of issues we’re still working through. One is that the user has to be a Project member of the LCS project. So maybe we are going to use one or two ‘Training’ user ID’s to save on the setup and maintenance of all of our users in the LCS project. The other issue is that the Task guides can expose sensitive information to the users:

As you can see above, there’s a clear warning on this when you create a Task recording – but we’re still figuring out all of the implications of this.