A simple outbound interface for Dynamics AX 2012

The other day we had a requirement to export Dynamics AX on hand information to a third party WMS system. Of course our first thought was to look at the AIF, but there didn’t seem to be any standard services available, and the idea of developing some was a bit daunting.

However we remembered that any SSRS report can be saved as an XML and that allowed us to setup a really simple interface system.

So here’s what we did. (This is so simple that it must be documented somewhere else – so apologies in advance to all those other blog authors)

On hand report

Inventory management > Reports > On- hand > On-hand inventory:

Select the information to ‘Print’.

Use the Select button to setup the filter query for the data you need to export.

Then click the Destinations… button. Enter a filename and select the File format XML:

If you run this on line you’ll get:

Open that file and you get something like this:

So now, all that we need to do is set this up as a Recurring batch job:

‘Simple as’.