Display the AOS name in the status bar in AX 2012

One the first things I do pretty much every time I log on to a new system is to go to my File > Tools > Options
> Status bar setup and tick ‘Show AOS name’:

That puts the AOS name on the menu form, and a lot of other forms, so that I can keep the times that I’m logged into the wrong instance (for instance UAT vs. PROD) to a minimum.

I do this even on sites that have a ‘Company colours’ modification, see this post.

The other day I logged onto a new client site, and imagine my disappointment when no AOS name appeared:

The fix here is to adjust your Dynamics AX configuration. You might need to flick this on to your IT department rather than do it yourself.

You need to navigate to the Control panel, and then choose Administrative tools:

Then find the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Configuration utility:

You should see something like this:

The AOS name displayed on the Dynamics AX menu form is actually the ‘Instance name’ on the Connection tab:

We’re not able to make changes to the Original (installed configuration) so the first step in making changes is to create a new configuration, Manage > Create configuration …:

I’m naming my configuration ‘PROD’ and obviously I’m copying the Active configuration:

OK gives me a configuration I can edit:

While I’m on this form I’m going to tick ‘Connect to printers on the server’, if you want to know why see this blog.

Then select the Server name connection and click Edit…:

Obviously I don’t want to change any of the connection details except for the Instance name. Then click OK.

Click OK again and Refresh Configuration, and wait while the WCF configuration is regenerated, then Apply and OK.

Log out of Dynamics AX and log back in and you get: