Copy document handling notes in AX 2012

We’re developing a business process where every document is going to have attached notes – and these will often be the same. We’re really looking for some sort of template – but that isn’t available for simple plain text notes. So we’re going to use copy’n’paste. Notes can be copied from any external document – but it’s also easy to copy document handling notes from one document to another – there’s just one tiny wrinkle in the process.

First let’s setup a note. I’m using the item master, but this works for any document or main table:

Select your document handling note and select Functions > Copy:

Now the wrinkle: don’t close the Document handling form. Simply select another record in the list grid:

Functions > Paste is enabled. (If you close the Document handling form and then re-open it you’ll find that Functions > Paste isn’t enabled, which is a tad frustrating).

If you multi-select in the list grid then you can use Functions > Paste to all to make multiple copies of your note.

You may have noticed that there’s also a Functions > Lock option. What that does is lock the document handling form (not the attachments themselves). If you leave the Document handling form open when you select another record in the list grid you’ll notice that the document handling form shows you the attachments related to that new record – Functions > Lock stops that happening (so that you can refer to the notes attached to one record, while you are working on another record):

Again, the Lock is released when you close the Document handling form.

The sales and marketing document handler in Dynamics AX 2012

The other day I was re-united with an old friend – the document handler in what used to be the CRM module (now of course, Sales and marketing).

It’s got two really cool features:

  • You can drag’n’drop files and emails
  • It displays attachments from related documents.

But it hides its light under a bushel.

For instance, open a sales quotation and you see:

Click on that attachments button and you get the standard document handler:

But, as they say in those really annoying adverts, “but wait, there’s more ….”

On the General tab there is a Documents button – and it opens the Sales and marketing document handler:

So you can see right away that a lot more information is displayed – there are a lot more option buttons – and also that there is a ‘Drag files here’ target area.

To get that to work, you have to do some configuration. Sales and marketing > Setup > Sales and marketing parameters > Documents:

Define an ‘Attach file’ type of document for the two types of e-mails, and for file attachments.

Now back to our document handler. To drag’n’drop emails you have to be running the AX client on the same desktop as your Outlook client:

On receipt of an email like that you’re going to open Dynamics AX and create a quote, then open the document handler:

Now go back into Outlook, and simply drag that email onto the ‘Drag files here’ target. (Don’t worry if Outlook hides the Documents window – just drag the email down to the task bar, and hover over the Dynamics AX windows, when they pop-up drag onto the Documents window, and when that opens drag onto the target). You get:

It’s quick, easy, and fun.

Dragging files works more or less the same way – just drag them out of any folder window.

Now if that quote had been related to a Prospect I can go to the Prospect, open the Documents and see the attachment:

Under-rated, forgotten, and soon to be history I fear. CRM Document handler I will miss you.