Add the mobile client to the tools menu again

A while ago I posted How to add the mobile client emulator to the Tools menu in AX 2012.

One of my colleagues, Ievgen Miroshnikov, has pointed out that there’s a much simpler way of achieving this result than the method I posted earlier, because there’s a standard ‘Action’ menu item (called WHSWorkExecute) already in existence that we can use.

So, open the AOT, navigate to the GlobalToolsMenu and open the Properties pane:

Right-click on the GlobalToolsMenu and add a new menu item:

In the properties, change the MenuItemType to Action, and enter/select WHSWorkExecute:

That’s all folks! Save. Close the AOT and your Tools menu shows:


So this is a great little time-saver if you’re testing the system, and also has the advantage that, if you are in a multi-company environment you log into the company that the client is running in at the time.

If you want to give this option to a normal user, note that there are a couple of standard Security Privileges that you can use as well:

Thanks Ievgen!

Why you can’t reverse a purchase registration in WHS in AX 2012 R3

The new Advanced Warehousing processes in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 use the warehouse mobile client purchase order receipt process to ‘register’ the product receipt.

I’ve created (and confirmed) a purchase order:

Then I’ve used the warehouse mobile forms to process the purchase order receipt:

And now, when we look at the purchase order we can see that we have Registered that receipt:

OOPS – we’ve received the wrong purchase order. No worries, based on our previous experience of Dynamics AX we know that we can go to the Purchase order line > Update line> Registration form and reverse the Registration:

Click ‘Auto-create’:

And Post all:

So what happened? Warehouse work is what happened. As well as registering the purchase order receipt we’ve created warehouse work (and its concomitant inventory transactions, one of which is reserving the registered inventory so we can put it away in the warehouse):

So now what we’ve got to do is not just reverse the registration, but we have to cancel the warehouse work, and then reverse the registration. That process has been covered by Ivan Kashperuk in this blog post: Walkthrough: Cancelling put-away work in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. There Ivan mentions this important warehouse management parameter, ‘Unregister receipt when cancelling work’:

However, of course we could of course gone one step further and completed the warehouse work, in which case we would see:

In this second case we simply don’t have the option of reversing the registration because we’ve got financially updated warehouse work transactions – the last one is a receipt into our put-away location. Even if we manually move the on hand stock back into our receiving location, reversing the registration is no longer an option because our inventory position would be wrong and inconsistent.

The cancellation process has to be:
1) post the product receipt on the registration;
2) manually move the on-hand back to the receiving location
3) then cancel the product receipt.

The Total Quality mantra of “do it right the first time” never seemed more appropriate.

Unplanned stock movement in Advanced warehouse management AX 2012 R3.

“Tote that barge. Lift that bale”.

Although most warehouse movements are a planned put-away or a pick, occasionally you’re going to want to move inventory from one location to another.

Here’s the process. Let’s start with the setup we need.

First we need a ‘Work class’. Go to Warehouse management > Setup > Work > Work classes:

You need a Work class with a Work order type of ‘Inventory movement’.

Next we need a ‘Movement type code’. Warehouse management > Setup > Inventory > Movement types:


Of course we need a Mobile device menu item. Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile device > Mobile device menu items:

Create a Mobile device menu item called Warehouse transfer and tick ‘Use existing work’. Link to your Inventory movement Work class ID.

And you’ll add that menu item to a suitable menu (e.g. Inventory). Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile device > Mobile device menu:

Now we’re ready to create our movement work. Go to the View on-hand form. Warehouse management > Inquires > On hand by location:

Note. This on-hand form only shows items in Warehouse management enabled warehouses.

Select your location. On-hand by location > Right-click > View details, or Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse setup > Locations:


Click the ‘Create inventory movement work’ button on the Location form. The system displays the Create inventory movement work form:


Enter the Quantity to be moved; To location; and Movement type code.
Click Create work:

Now let’s perform that work in the mobile client. My menu looks like this:

Obviously I select ‘warehouse transfer’ and enter a work id:

Note. When you setup the Mobile device menu item, if you had chosen a ‘Directed by’ of ‘System directed’ instead of ‘User directed’ then the system would simply display the next work item to the user.

Our first work step is a pick:

Here there’s another option you could have set when you setup the Mobile device menu item: ‘Work confirmation setup’ – but because I’m not being asked to confirm anything here, I’m straight onto the put:

We’re done:

Just in time for a rousing chorus of “Ol’ Man River”