How to take a copy of an Infolog in Dynamics AX

OK this one is “simple as” (as they say in these parts) but it has come up a couple of times this week, so unless I’ve just met the only two people on the planet who didn’t know how to do this, hopefully this is helpful to someone.

So, the scenario goes like this, you run some periodic function and get a long Infolog with lots or errors – you want to work through the errors one-by-one, and you know that if you close the Infolog window you’ll use the error messages, and you’ll have to run your periodic function again.

Well the solution is dead simple. Just right-click on the heading of the Infolog and you get a pop-up context menu that lets you copy the Infolog messages to the clipboard – then go into Notepad or Word (or Excel if there are lots of messages, because that makes it slightly easier to filter the rows), and paste.

‘Copy as list to Clipboard’ collapses the message parent-child structure into single lines – even more helpful.

Another way to make an Infolog persist is to run the function as a batch job – that way you can keep going back to the batch job history and refer to the Infolog – but this trick is simpler and in most cases quicker.