Adding a voice narration to a Task Recorder video in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Lachlan Cash is generating a great set of blog posts, and this one caught my eye (

If you’ve looked at the new task recorder in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (and R2 CU7) you’ll know that as well as recording your task, it automatically creates a word document, and it creates a Video recording (of up to 10 minutes).

Go to File > Tools > Task recorder


Task recordings are now made against a Process hierarchy – the standard Dynamics AX demo images come pre-loaded with this APQC hierarchy, but it’s possible to create and import your own business process (See  How to import a process hierarchy into the Advanced task recorder

Note. In the Task recorder Settings > Hierarchy levels you define a Recording mode of ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’. To use the Advanced mode you have to be running the Dynamics AX client on the Dynamics AX AOS server – if you’re logged into a Terminal server and the AOS is on another server, you’ll have to use Basic mode – but you still get a Video recording in Basic mode.

Select a node in your Business process hierarchy and click Start. The Task recorder form minimises. Perform your task and when you’re done click back into the Task recorder form and click Stop. There’s a short pause as your recording is processed.

You’ll see that the Node is now flagged to show that you’ve performed a task recording:

So as you’d expect, if you click on ‘Document’ the system reads the stored task recording and generates the familiar word document:

But what’s not so obvious is that it’s also created and saved a Word document and Video:

In the Settings > Parameters you find a Recording file path:

Navigate to that folder and you can find those documents. Firstly there’s a folder for your business process hierarchy and then there’s a folder for your task. The folder name is abbreviated, but it’s quite recognisable:

Now you can take the Word document and edit it, and take the video and add a commentary.

Lachlan Cash recommends using Movie maker to edit the Video:


The only thing that’d make that simpler was if it was easier to access those files – in a previous company we added a couple of extra buttons on the Task recorder:

We re-named ‘Document’ to ‘Generate a document’ and added ‘Edit document’ and ‘Play video’ buttons.