How to import a process hierarchy into the advanced task recorder


The Advanced Task recorder can be installed in Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU7 and ships as standard in Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

When you open the Task recorder, if the standard Dynamics AX demo data has been installed you’ll see an APQC business process hierarchy:

But here’s how you can import your own Business process hierarchy.



As shown above, the Business process hierarchy is defined by ‘Framework’ and ‘Industry’.

File > Tools > Task recorder > Settings > Setup > Framework.

Enter your framework name as above.


File > Tools > Task recorder > Settings > Setup > Industry:

Enter an Industry (as above).

Hierarchy levels

File > Tools > Task recorder > Settings > Setup > Hierarchy levels:

Select the Framework and Industry you just created, select ‘Advanced’ recording mode (you can’t import the Hierarchy if you choose Basic) and create levels for your hierarchy. (You don’t have to import all the levels you define).

Locate the import template format

You might need to get a developer to help you with this bit, but it’s not that technical.

Open the AOT and Navigate to Resources >

Right-click > Open gives:

Export gives:

Select a folder, give the file a name and a .xlsx extention and save it

Create your template

Open the template in Excel and populate it:

As soon as you open the template you’ll see that it’s pretty obvious what goes where.

Save your template.

Import your template

File > Tools > Task recorder > Settings > Periodic > Import hierarchy:

Enter/select your file name.

Click Validate.

Click Import hierarchy.

If all goes well you’ll get:

View hierarchy

File > Tools > Task recorder.

Select your Framework and Industry:

Now you’re all set to do your own task recordings (but you might want to go back the Hierarchy levels setup first and change from Advanced to Basic recording). To run an Advanced recording you have to be running your client on the AOT server.

More information can be found at: