Vendor calendars in Dynamics AX

“Can we group planned purchase orders by order date?”. This question came up in a Master planning workshop the other day. The buyers have a weekly / monthly routine. For specific vendors, every couple of weeks or so they’re raising purchase orders by vendor.

My first instinct was to think about Vendor calendars – but I’ve never used them, so some investigation was in order – and here it is.

In Dynamics AX you can add a calendar to a customer, vendor, warehouse, coverage group and resource (work centre). The purpose of the calendar is to define working days – AX uses the terminology ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ for a working day, and for a resource the calendar defines the number of working hours for the day (and optionally some other stuff like Efficiency percentage and Property).

In AX7: Organisation administration > Setup > Calendars > Calendars In AX 2012: Organisation administration > Common > Calendars > Calendars
Working times: Working times:

So we’re going to create a calendar that has most of its days closed, and an open day every second Tuesday. We’ll start with a working time template – and as the working time template only works on a weekly pattern we’ll define one where every day is closed. So I just create a working time template called ‘NONE’:

In AX7: Organisation administration > Setup > Calendars > Working time templates In AX 2012: Organisation administration > Common > Calendars > Working time templates

Now I’ll create a calendar called VENDOR1, and use the Working times > Compose working times to fill in the days

In AX7: Organisation administration > Setup > Calendars > Calendars >
Working times > Compose working times
In AX 2012: Organisation administration > Common > Calendars > Calendars
OK gives: OK gives:

And now I have to go and Open those days that I’d like my orders to be scheduled for. In practice, you’re going to want to open the Calendar working days in Excel, or use the Data migration framework to update these days:

I’ve setup a 2 raw materials with lead times of 19 and 27 days, and simulated lots of demand on them, so that we get planned orders for every working day:

In AX7: Master planning > Master planning > Planned orders In AX 2012: Master planning > Common > Planned orders

Ok – let’s add the calendar we prepared earlier to our Vendor.

In AX7: Procurement and sourcing > Vendors > All vendors > [Select] > Edit
In AX 2012: Procurement and sourcing > Common > Vendors > All vendors > [Select] > Edit

Now, re-run master planning and take another look at our planned purchase orders:

Both the Order dates and the Delivery dates are falling onto our Vendor Purchasing calendar Open days – I confess I’m surprised by this. I was expecting the Delivery dates to fall onto the open days, but not the Order dates. So let’s take ‘Yes’ for an answer and move on.


6 thoughts on “Vendor calendars in Dynamics AX

  1. Hi Tim
    I followed your blog for calendars to the letter but I’m not getting the result you achieved.
    I can not seem to get the items leadtime to work.
    for a supplier that only delivers on Wednesdays and I have a leadtime of 20 days the result from master planning now gives a delivery date in 20 Wednesdays time ie 20 weeks
    Any idea where I`m going wrong ?


    • Hi Kevin, apologies for the slow reply – it’s summer in New Zealand and I’m spending too much time in the sun.
      I think your problem is that the method in this blog used to set the delivery dates is incompatible with the setting of vendor delivery dates as ‘working days’.
      When I was taught Dynamics AX a few years ago I remember the instructor saying “Don’t use working days for vendor lead times. The working times calendars are your working times, not theirs”. I’ve always stuck with that pattern but if that doesn’t work for you then you’ll need a customization to reference one calendar for lead time and another for open delivery dates.


      • Hi Tim
        enjoy the sun, we have cold and ice here !!
        Thanks for the heads up on this.
        I will investigate further and maybe discuss this with our AX supplier to find out if they
        have customized this issue previously


  2. Hi Tim
    I work in a company that went live with AX 2012 last year and our purchasing dept have been asking for suppliers to have specific delivery days for some time. I spent most of the day finding my way through all the set up your brilliant blog on vendor calendars in AX so easily explains. However I have set something incorrect because my lead time of 20 working days is concidering that my supplier only works 1 day a week (supplier calendar for delivery only on Wednesday) and is creating a planned PO FOR 20 weeks !!
    I hope you can advise where I have gone wrong
    Kevin Price
    Worcester UK


  3. Hi Luciano. That’s an interesting question. But I don’t see why this should only work if there is a default vendor on the item. Of course, there has to be a vendor on the Planned purchase order – but that could come from a trade agreement. I’ll check that out when I get a moment.


  4. Hi Tim, very interesting post!

    I was wondering if you need to have your default vendor set up on your ítem, am I right?

    Thank you in advance.


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