Item requirement statistics as a vendor forecast in Dynamics AX

Apologies for not having a snappy title to this blog, but we’re not using snappy in the Dynamics AX world at the moment. “Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 for Operations” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue does it. “MDO” anyone?

This week I was running a master planning workshop with a purchasing department, and that got me interested in taking a look at the Item requirements statistics form. I wanted to see if it has been converted into AX7, and sure enough our friends at Microsoft have done the business. Master planning > Inquires and reports > Master planning > Item requirement statistics:

There are a lot of useful display options on this form.

Firstly, we can show/hide Size, Colour, Style and Site using the good ol’ Inventory > Display dimensions options.

Next we can filter or display information by Item number or Item group; and Vendor account or vendor group. For instance, here’s the display for all items for one vendor:

“But wait, there’s more” as they say in those terrible TV adverts. The ‘Period’ selection is most useful: Total, Quarter, Month, Week, Date. Here’s what it looks like by Month:

(The ‘Period’ displayed by week is a bit cryptic, but still usable I think).

Finally, I thought that if you ticked the ‘By planned order type’ checkbox you’d get separate rows for purchase orders and planned purchase orders. But when that didn’t happen I did a bit more digging, and imagine my disappointment gentle reader when I realised that this form isn’t summarising the net requirements transactions (which would show purchase orders), it’s actually summarising planned orders. So, no purchase order information. To get that you’re going to have to use a master planning OLAP cube.

Here’s the AX 2012 version of this form:

Master planning > Inquires > Statistics > Item requirement statistics

And AX 2009:

Still, it’s really easy to setup the form to show your planned purchases by Vendor, and you can send this to the vendor by exporting to Excel.