Use the Buyer group on production items in Dynamics AX

Unless your manufacturing process is very simple you’re going to want to categorise your production orders in some way – and the classic way of doing this is to use the ‘Production pool’. Product information management > Common > Released products > Edit > Engineer fast tab:

(Production pools are setup at Production control > Setup > Production > Production pools).

The Production pool is on the Production order list grid, and can be used to find, filter and sort your production orders. When you create a production order the Production pool on the production order is inherited from the item, but you can change it if necessary (for instance if you’re creating a re-work order or using an alternate production method). Production control > Common > Production orders > All production orders > New > Production order:

All well and good, but the production pool isn’t visible on Planned production orders. Production control > Common > Production orders > Planned production orders:

So here’s a simple solution – use the Buyer group on the item (in the Purchase fast tab):

(The Buyer group is setup at Inventory management > Setup > Inventory > Buyer groups).

Seems counter intuitive – but it works because the Buyer group is a field on the planned order, and obviously can be added to the Planned production order list grid. On the Planned order form just click the down arrow next to the Filter and select More…

And then add the Buyer group:


Of course, if you’re using Buyer group like this, the sensible thing is to drag that column over to the left, and hide other columns that you are using.

Incidentally – don’t forget the ‘Edit in grid’ option on the Released products form. With a little bit of personalisation you’ll get:

Simple as.

2 thoughts on “Use the Buyer group on production items in Dynamics AX

  1. Hi Tim, I was working on a customer with MRP module and found out something which I consider very “strange”.

    With the new WHS functionality introduced on R3 version, and the new “Inventory status” storage dimension, if you run a master plan for a product which has on-hand inventory in a blocked-type inventory status, a demand for that quantities will be created.

    E.g: you have Item A – 100ea on-hand. The inventory status is “Blocked” (of course it has the “block” check box checked). No forecast or sales orders exists for that item. Run MRP. You will get a purchase / production order of 100ea to apply for a demand of “Journal inventory” type (I don’t have any inventory journals created either).

    Have you ever faced something similar?

    Sorry about my question has nothing to do with the topic of your post.


    • Hi Luciano. I’m sorry but I’m not working on any WHS systems at the moment, so I’ve no experience to comment with. But if you post your comment on the Dynamics AX Community Forum I’m pretty sure someone will respond.


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