The colour field on production orders in Dynamics AX

For as long as I can remember (which is AX 3) there’s been a ‘Colour’ field on the production order.

AX 2009:

Note. In AX 2009 you’ll only see the Colour field if you have the Production III module licenced.

AX 2012:

AX 7 (or whatever it’s called this week):

The only place that I can see this being used (in standard Dynamics AX) is the Gantt chart. You have to have job scheduled your production orders, and in this instance I’m coming from a production order with these capacity reservations:

The Gantt chart shows me:

On the Gantt chart Setup > Colours Production tab I have the option of ‘Use production colour’:

That gives me:

So, this isn’t so useful if I only have one a view of one production order so let’s mosey on over to Organisation administration > Common > Resources > Gantt charts:

The first thing we need to do it create a Gantt definition, and then as you can see implied by the Resource and Resource group tabs we define the work centres that will be shown on the Gantt chart. Let’s set one up for a week:

And on the resources tab I’ll define the work centres I want to see:

Click on the Gantt button and you get a pop-up asking you to define your start date:

And OK gives you the Gantt chart:

Now Use the Setup > Colours to use the production order setup – and (providing that you set the colour on the production order) you can get something like this:

Which begs the question: why didn’t those nice folk at Microsoft give us some way of defaulting the colour on to the Production order from the production order item?

Actually when we did do the customisation to default the colour on to the production order we decided not to add the default colour from the item, but from the Property. That we could colour code both our production orders and our working times. See this post for details on using properties.