Component production order reservations in AX 2012

The standard method for knowing whether you can start a production order in AX 2012 is the Production order > View > Requirements > Explosion, master planning inquiry:

The other day I was asked if Inquires > Explosion respected component reservations (standard WMS processing, not advanced warehousing WHS) – and I couldn’t answer the question – so let’s try to do that now.

We need a couple of products that use the same raw material or ingredient, I have two:


Let’s create a production order for my first item, my default reservation method is ‘Start’, but I’ll create and schedule the production order:

Then I’ll go to the BOM and reserve the component:

And, as you can see, I’ve reserved all of the on-hand inventory for the component.

So now I’ll create another production order, which requires the same component, and just to spice things up I’ll schedule that to start before the previous order:

Now I’ll schedule the second production order and then run Inquires > Explosion:

Because I haven’t run master planning since I created and scheduled my production order, when I open the Inquires > Explosion form, the inquiry is blank, so I click on the Update button:

And click OK:

And the system tells me that I do not have enough inventory of my component TS-RM-1 to start this production order, and that master planning has created a planned production order.

Now let’s try the update again and this time we’ll select Delete before explosion > Marking and reservation:

No change:

I’m inferring from this that the ‘Delete before explosion > Marking and reservation’ control is referring to markings and reservations of the production order item, not it’s components.

Let’s look at this another way. I’ve run master planning across all items, and I’m looking at the Net requirements for the component.

I can see that my on hand inventory is ‘pegged’ to the later production order demand:

And the earlier production order demand is pegged to the planned production order:

Even though, in this case I have put a lead time on my component which means that it’s going to be delivered after the start of my production order (which is why I have the blue arrow ‘Futures messages’ raised on the planned purchase order and production order).

And just to prove that it’s the reservation that is driving this, go back to the later production order and clear the reservation:

And re-run master planning:

Now my earlier production order can start – and it’s my later production order which is going to have to wait for the components to arrive.

So the answer is conclusive: “Yes. Master planning does respect production order reservations”.