One intercompany sales order, two invoices. Dynamics AX 2012

This one’s really simple, but had me foxed for a few minutes.

The scenario goes like this. You create an intercompany purchase order. The supply company ships and invoices multiple deliveries.

Everything works just fine if you have time to post the purchase order product receipts and invoices before you post the second sales order delivery note / invoice.

As usual I’ve set this up in the Dynamics AX demo hyper-v image. I’ve created and confirmed a simple intercompany purchase order in the DEMF company (the sales order is in the USMF company):

In the supply company I’ve delivered and invoiced the first sales order line.

I need to post a product receipt against the purchase order – and although the Product receipt posting form pre-loads the sales order delivery note number …

… there’s no easy way to set the appropriate partial receipt quantity. I’m just going to use the Lines tab:

Here, I’ve deleted the purchase order line that hasn’t been delivered. Below, I’m just setting the product receipt quantities manually. But I have worked with a company who used intercompany orders extensively and they had a modification on the purchase order that would retrieve a sales order delivery note from the supply company, and set the ‘Receive now’ quantity on the purchase order lines appropriately.

So, now I’m ready to post the purchase order product receipt – and then the invoice:

This [first] purchase order invoice is setup to post correctly – the invoice number, delivery note number, and invoice amounts have all defaulted correctly – all I have to do is click the ‘Post’ button.

I’ll just pop back to the sales order I’ll post the remainder of the sales order delivery, and create another invoice.

When I post the second product receipt on the purchase order the system still defaults the Product receipt delivery note number – and helpfully it’s showing the correct one:

Just to be clear – on the sales order we can see we have two delivery notes:

Anyway – post the purchase order product receipt, and then post the invoice.

Once again the system’s defaulting the Invoice number, Delivery note number and Invoice total:

But as I said in the introduction, the scenario above isn’t actually a realistic one. What happens if you have multiple sales order delivery notes / invoices posted before you receive any products against the purchase order?. In this example I’ve posted three sales order delivery notes:

And three corresponding sales order invoices:

But I haven’t yet done any product receipts on my purchase order. When I start to do product receipts the system defaults one of the delivery note numbers – but it’s not necessarily the one I want:

In this case you have to manually enter the delivery note number (and of course set the appropriate receipt quantities on the Lines tab). Then post the product receipt.

Next we’re going to post the purchase order invoice – and just to reprise, here are the sales order invoices:

Now let’s try to post the invoice for the first sales order delivery note / purchase order product receipt:

Everything has defaulted through correctly – except that the system’s defaulted the wrong sales order invoice number. Posting gives this error:

That’s pretty scary – but fortunately the fix is simplicity itself. All that has gone wrong is that the system’s defaulted the wrong sales order invoice number – let’s try again, and this time, manually set the invoice number to match the quantities / amounts on the purchase order invoice:


That’s pretty neat.

7 thoughts on “One intercompany sales order, two invoices. Dynamics AX 2012

  1. Brilliant article! I have a further challenge… the intercompany markup is not being considered in the PO invoice therefore I get the same mismatch error when posting. Do you know how to correct this?


    • Sorry – what do you mean exactly by intercompany markup? Are you saying that the purchase order is picking up different prices than the sales order (in which case you need to change the Intercompany setup so that the purchase order doesn’t look for prices, and you can’t edit the prices on the purchase order). Or do you have misc. charges on the PO? (In which case I think you need to add the same charges to the sales order).


      • We have configured intercompany POs to use the cost price from the corresponding sales order but in addition we have a misc charge of 10% that is applied to the sales order. Therefore the landed cost in the receiving company will be 10% higher than the selling company. When we try to post the PO invoice it says there’s a price mismatch because it’s not taking account of the 10% misc charge.


      • I’m not certain, but I think the solution is that you have to configure exactly the same auto misc. charge on the intercompany purchase order (the misc. charge isn’t copied automatically). If that doesn’t work I suggest you post your question on the Microsoft Dynamics AX Community Forum.


  2. We do extensive intercompany and post from the intercompany options for both receiving and invoicing. We did have to modify the sync routine for serial numbers because it does not handle serial shipment partial lines at all. Basically it is two clicks and done. Is there an advantage to doing it this way?


    • Hi Konrad – stay with your customisation if it works for you. I’ve used batch numbers with intercompany but never serial numbers – so now I know of something else to watch for. Thanks. Tim


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