Hide planned order capacity reservations in Dynamics AX 2012

When we’re looking at production orders, and scheduling routes, we’re going to look at capacity reservations by work centre (resource) or resource group. It’s interesting that these inquiries show capacity reservations from planned production orders as well as production order.

For instance, Organisation administration > Common > Resources > Resource groups > View > Capacity reservations:

Every so often we’re asked if we can just show reservations from production orders.

There are two ways you can accomplish this. One way is to setup master planning so that it doesn’t create capacity reservations for planned production orders. Planned production orders only use the active route to schedule capacity reservations, (and to determine their lead time) inside the capacity time fence. Outside of the capacity time fence the inventory lead time is used as the planned production order lead time, and capacity reservations are not created. So, if you setup your master plan like this:

That’s with Capacity time fence = zero. Run master planning you’ll find that the capacity reservations for planned production orders have disappeared:

Unfortunately, we’ve thrown a baby out with the bath water. Now we can’t use any of the capacity reservation inquires for Rough Cut Capacity Planning. For instance, one of my favourite inquires, Master planning > Inquires > Statistics > Capacity requirement statistics, is now a shadow of its former self. With a capacity time fence of zero you see something like:

Whereas you could be seeing something more useful like:

So let’s try an alternative method.

Create a master plan called ‘NONE’:

I don’t ever intend to run master scheduling on this plan, but just to make it obvious, I’ve set zero time fences on each option, including of course the Capacity time fence.

Now on our resource capacity inquiry our normal plan shows capacity reservations from planned production orders:

But if we just want to see reservations from production orders we simply have to choose the ‘NONE’ plan:

And obviously the same trick works on the capacity load inquiry too:

And the NONE plan:

A pretty good example of “now you see it – now you don’t”.

I headed this blog “… in AX 2012” because I’m pretty sure that this works in all versions of AX 2012 – but when we first tried this (on AX 2009) there was a bug in the Capacity load inquiry form – so if you’re on an old version of AX you might need a fix.


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