Housekeeping in AX 2012. Alerts

Once in a while I find myself logging on to a customers site and notice that a huge number of Alerts have built up in the Notifications inbox.

If you have ‘Show alert status’ enabled in your status bar you see the number of Alerts like this:

This example’s nice and tidy, and it’s because there’s a very simple clean-up job that you can use.

Systems administration > Period > Notification clean up:

You’ll see that I’m using an Advanced filter query to delete Alerts that are more than 10 days old, obviously you can setup whichever queries meet your needs.

Then it’s a simple matter to set this up as a recurring batch job (don’t forget to disable the Alerts option on the job) and bingo your Alerts are under control.

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping in AX 2012. Alerts

  1. Hello,

    I’ve attempted to set up alerts on the AX 2012 R3 system at our company. Although it works now, I keep receiving the alert “The batch job Change based alerts completed successfully”.

    What can I do to stop receiving these alerts which prompt every minute?



    • Go to Systems administration > Inquires > Batch > Batch jobs > Batch jobs and find your Alerts batch job, and click on the Alerts button and un-set the Alerts it’s sending you. If the job’s running every minute, you may have to pause it (change status to ‘Withhold’) before you’ll be able to make the change.


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