AIF inbound port file processing in AX 2012

Now here’s a funny thing. There’s a TechNet article here which talks about sequential and parallel processing options in the Dynamics AX AIF inbound port.

Before I lose you, we’re talking about this setup, Systems administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Inbound ports:

In this screenshot we can’t change the Processing options because the port is active. To make the change we have to Deactivate the port, make the change, and then Activate it.

If you clicked on the link above you’ll have seen reference to the fact that there is a hard-coded limit built into the AIF via a macro:

What’s much less obvious (so much less obvious that I can’t find it anywhere) is that there is also a limit for sequential processing – and that is 100 messages!

So our scenario went like this: we’re synchronising Dynamics AX to another system and using the AIF to create Products and Items (Released products). The system that’s sending the information to Dynamics AX is creating one message per item, and we’re using a File system interface, because it’s nice and simple and easy to monitor. We’ve setup the traditional AIF recurring batch job with the familiar four tasks:

The batch job recurrence is set to 10 minutes but we saw that the message files weren’t all processed. There weren’t a huge number of message files, we were synchronising about 2,500 products, but obviously the system takes its time to chew through 5,000 files if it only does 100 every 10 minutes.

Fortunately the fix was simple, and effective – one tick equals 10 times the performance.
If only other things in life followed this pattern …