Master planning explosion explanation in AX 2012

Master planning Inquires > Explosion is an invaluable aid when you’re trying to figure out which settings need to be changed to optimise your master plan.

In a moment we’re going to look at the information provided from a planned production order, but first a reminder that you can also use it from a planned purchase order

The other day I was asked to look at the net requirements of a purchased component:

We could see a demand from a planned order (Reference = BOM line) and it’s in the past. Although there is plenty of on-hand inventory, and the demand is pegged to my on-hand, there’s a futures message, because we are going to be late – even if we issue this component immediately.

To see where this demand came from, select the BOM line demand and perform Inquires > Explosion. Change the Principle to ‘Up’ and the screen now shows me that my finished goods item’s safety stock demand is the root cause of my problem.

Often in a real system the displays are more complex than this but this ability to drill up from a planned purchase order is a really powerful feature of Dynamics AX master planning which will often be useful to your buyers.

More often however, we’ll do Inquires > Explosion from the planned production order:

And now notice that the ‘Update’ button is available. Click on it and you get:

If you tick ‘Enable trace’ as I have here, the ‘Explanation’ tab on the Inquires > Explosion is populated with a verbose explanation of the logic applied by master planning:

Obviously in real-world examples the Explanation can be huge – but hopefully this will provide the clues that you need to solve your problem.