Add the mobile client to the tools menu again

A while ago I posted How to add the mobile client emulator to the Tools menu in AX 2012.

One of my colleagues, Ievgen Miroshnikov, has pointed out that there’s a much simpler way of achieving this result than the method I posted earlier, because there’s a standard ‘Action’ menu item (called WHSWorkExecute) already in existence that we can use.

So, open the AOT, navigate to the GlobalToolsMenu and open the Properties pane:

Right-click on the GlobalToolsMenu and add a new menu item:

In the properties, change the MenuItemType to Action, and enter/select WHSWorkExecute:

That’s all folks! Save. Close the AOT and your Tools menu shows:


So this is a great little time-saver if you’re testing the system, and also has the advantage that, if you are in a multi-company environment you log into the company that the client is running in at the time.

If you want to give this option to a normal user, note that there are a couple of standard Security Privileges that you can use as well:

Thanks Ievgen!