A master planning setup checklist for Dynamics AX 2009

Well I’ve put is off a long as I could – but I’ve just been asked to setup Dynamics AX 2009 master planning for a small manufacturing company so I’ve added an AX 2009 category to the blog.

One of the intriguing oddities about Dynamics AX master planning is the number of different places in the system involved in setting up master planning. I got tired of forgetting a setup step, so for the past few years I’ve been collecting the steps I go through into a check-list.

Here is the Dynamics AX 2009 version (I’m not certain how tables format on blog posts so I hope this is readable):

Module / Menu path Setup Comment
Basic > Setup > Calendar Working times template
Basic > Common forms Calendar Define working times using the Working times template
Master planning > Setup Master planning parameters You’ll have to re-visit the parameters after setting up a forecast plan, master plans, and coverage groups.
Master planning > Setup > Plans Forecast plans For Forecast scheduling
Inventory management > Setup > Forecast Forecast models
Inventory management > Setup > Forecast Item allocation keys Optional
Inventory management > Setup > Forecast Period keys Optional
Master planning > Setup > Plans Master plans
Master planning > Setup > Coverage Reduction keys
Master planning > Setup > Coverage Coverage groups
Master planning > Setup > Coverage Min/max keys Not used that often
Inventory management > Setup > Dimensions Dimension groups Coverage by item dimension (enable coverage by warehouse)
Inventory management > Setup > Inventory breakdown Warehouses Manual warehouses
Refilling warehouses

Transport lead times

For finished goods items:
Inventory management > Inquires > Forecast Sales forecast By item and warehouse
For BOM items: Item master coverage group
Active Bill of material version

Active route version or production lead time

Production order minimum, multiple, and possibly maximum quantities

For purchased items: Item master coverage group
Primary vendor

Purchase lead time

Purchase order minimum and multiple quantities

For all items: Item coverage records for minimum stock (by warehouse)
Item coverage records to over-ride default re-filling warehouses

Transfer order (inventory) quantities

Stay tuned for the Dynamics AX 2012 version – it’s coming soon.

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