Desert Island customisations – the book

Inspired by the long running BBC radio programme ‘Desert Island Disks’ in which guests are asked to choose the eight records they’d take with them if they were marooned on a Desert Island, I’ve been working through a list of customisations I’d make to Dynamics AX if I could only have 8.

For the record they are:

1. The new sales order button on the customer

2. The quick transfer button on the on-hand form

3. Company colours

4. The max report as finish inquiry

5. The inventory transaction inquiry form

6. The master planning capacity statistics form

7. Batch job recurrence

8. Master planning pegging

I’m also allowed to take a luxury and a book to the desert island. The luxury would I guess have to be my trusty laptop capable of running Dynamics AX demo Hyper-V images, and the book. Well pretty obvious really: