Desert Island customisations 8 of 8

Well I’ve reached the end of my list of the customisations I’d make to Dynamics AX if I could only have 8. I’m not counting external documents (like invoices) so I’m not even going to mention the way that miscellaneous charges aren’t detailed on the sales invoice, they are just shown as an anonymous total. That won’t generate a query from your customer will it?

I’ve already had one master planning customisation, but it’s an area I work in a lot – so here’s another one.

Master planning generates planned orders (purchase, transfer, production or kanban) based on demand. You can see the demand related to the planned order as its ‘pegging’.

On the net requirements form select a planned order and open the Pegging pane at the bottom of the screen:

So in this case, planned transfer order 005013 is pegged to a safety stock and a forecast demand.

Unfortunately it’s not so easy to see this on the planned order form – the list page doesn’t have the pegging fast tab:

But you do see this information on the ‘Edit in grid’ form:

The Edit in grid form has another advantage too – and that is that you can change the details of your planned orders before you firm them, so for me, I’d like to by-pass the planned order list page and have a menu option that opens the Edit in grid form directly (but that’s not the customisation I want).

Typically we want to prioritise the processing of our planned orders (or scheduling our resources). A typical scenario goes like this: “I want to satisfy demand form open sales orders first; then I want to re-fill my safety stock; then I’ll fill my forecasts”. Although you can see the pegging information on the planned order forms it’s next to impossible to filter the planned orders based on their pegging. Also the pegging can be multi-level. In this scenario I’ve got one warehouse filling another, so in the ‘from’ warehouse all my planned purchase orders are going to be pegged to transfer requirements. I’ll need to perform an Inquires Explosion or Multilevel pegging inquiry on each order in turn to figure out which planned orders get priority.

So the customisation we’ve done a couple of times is to surface the pegging information as checkboxes on the planned order form:

The design model for this customisation was the existing flags on the planned order ‘Directly derived’ and ‘Supply forecast’, in this variant of our customisation we added two more flags: ‘Safety stock’ and ‘Sales order’. We almost added a third flag ‘Demand forecast’ but it turned out to be redundant. If the demand wasn’t from safety stock or sales orders, in this implementation it had to have come from forecast. Another variant of this customisation is to add a ‘Production orders’ pegging flag – so as to distinguish demand from planned production orders vs. ‘real’ production orders. For completeness we added these flags to the Net requirements form list grid as well – but they’re really designed to be used to filter and sort the planned orders. We also made the flags multi-level – if a planned production order is pegged to a sales order it gets flagged. So to do the planned transfer orders pegged to that planned production order, and the planned purchase orders pegged to the planned transfers.

I was watching a public preview video on the New Dynamics AX (AX 7) the other day and I noticed that in the master planning workspace there are four tantalising planned order options: Urgent; Delaying sales; Delaying forecast; and Delaying safety stock. I haven’t had the chance to investigate the filter queries that are driving those lists yet, but it looks like this is one customisation we won’t be upgrading to AX7.


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