Inventory journal voucher numbers in AX 2012

A while ago I got this e-mail from one of my Finance consultant colleagues (happy birthday by the way Michelle): “In AX2012 you can no longer simply drill down to the original document of an inventory journal from the GL transactions. Can you use a different voucher number sequence for each inventory journal name, please? Then at least we could look at the GL transactions and have an idea of what type of journal it is.”

Here’s the problem which Michelle found. As usual I’m logged into the Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9 Hyper-v demo image. I’ve posted an inventory adjustment journal. Inventory management > Journals > Transactions > Inventory adjustment:

And of course, based on the item’s posting profile I’ve posted a GL transaction, which I can see from the related inventory transaction:

Now let’s assume we’re starting from one of those accounts. General ledger > Common > Main account > Journal entries > Posted:

Now click on ‘Original document:

So all we’ve got to go on here is the voucher number. Where did that come from? Inventory management > Setup > Journals > Journal names, inventory:

The voucher number is defined by the voucher series number sequence on the journal name setup.

Now I’ve setup Inventory management without using Inventory adjustment journals at all – we simply used a number of different inventory movement journals. The difference between an adjustment journal and a movement journal is that the adjustment journal takes the offset account from the item’s posting profile whereas you can enter the offset account on a movement journal. Well, you can enter it, but more usefully you can default it in the movement journal name setup.

This is the demo data and there are a couple of things wrong here – firstly in the demo data there’s only one inventory movement journal defined. We typically setup a series of movement journals – each with a different code which gives an indication of the reason for the inventory movement, and frequently with a different offset account for each different Inventory movement journal. And oops – look closely at that setup and you’ll see that the inventory movement journal is using the same voucher series number sequence that the inventory adjustment journal.

Let’s try to do better with setup like this:

I’ve got some different journal names (reason codes) to choose from and I’ve setup a voucher series number sequence for each inventory movement journal name. Let’s post a quick journal like this. Inventory management > Journals > Transactions > Inventory adjustment:

And go and take a look at the transactions on the inventory account:

Much more obvious!

Actually getting a unique set of 3 or 4 character prefixes for all your number sequences isn’t all that simple – and also in a multi-company environment I have a personal preference for number sequences that are unique to each company (either a 1 or 2 character prefix or a suffix that gives us the company) – but well worth the effort in practice, and not just to keep Michelle happy.


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