Desert island customisations 7 of 8

Continuing my occasional series of my favourite customisations, I was reminded of this one the other day when I was setting up batch jobs for a new site.

By the way, we found out the hard way that that if you disable the user that created the batch job, the batch job stops recurring. You’ve probably guessed how we found this out, but I’ll tell you anyway: we were given our own personal log-ins, so I created batch jobs logged on as my user. Later when I left the project my user id was disabled, and oops, the batch jobs I’d created stopped recurring. But I still don’t know why it took them six weeks to notice that the master planning batch job wasn’t running. So now I create all of the ‘system’ batch jobs, like alerts, as the Admin user.

Incidentally you have to be logged on as the user that created the batch job if you want to change the parameters the job is using (or you receive an ambiguous ‘AOS validation failed’ error message) – that’s another reason for using a generic service account type user to setup your batch jobs. You don’t have to be logged on as the user that created the batch job to change the recurrence though.

So what needs customising – well the recurrence tab lets you setup a recurrence for every few minutes:

Or Hours:

But what I really want is to be able to define something like ‘Every 10 minutes, but only between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday”

The Monday to Friday bit could be done if we could see these ‘Weeks’ settings when we select Minutes or Hours:

And then the only other thing we need to add to this form is an ‘Ending time’ and well as a ‘Starting time’, and the system’s got all the information it needs to setup a decent batch schedule.

I couldn’t resist a quick peek at AX7 ‘the new Dynamics AX’ to see if anything has changed, but unfortunately, not in this area:


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