Resource capacity requirements inquiry in AX 2012

One of the odd things about working with production orders in Dynamics AX is that an important part of the setup – work centres, or resources as they are now called (presumably so we don’t get in arguments about whether it’s spelt center or centre) are managed in the Organisation administration module – and that’s where you find some summary inquires related to resource capacity like the Gantt charts and Capacity reservations, but there’s one other place that you can get a nice summary view of your resource scheduling and it’s the master planning Capacity requirement statistics. Master planning > Inquires > Statistics > Capacity requirement statistics:

When you first open this form it looks a bit un-assuming – but there’s a lot of functionality built into this inquiry. The first thing obviously is that we can select a master plan – that lets us do ‘what-if’ planning by setting up different master plans, with for instance different forecast models as input – but that’s probably the least useful function.

‘Show by:’ let’s you select Resource groups or Resources:

Then you can select a specific group or specific resource – but if you leave that blank you get all groups or all resources:

But to my mind, the ‘Period:’ selection is more impressive:

So now we’ve got summary totals of capacity reservation hours by month by group:

And of course we can export this list grid to Excel with a single click (Ctrl-t)

Finally – if we tick ‘By reference type’ we’ll get this split into capacity reservations from production orders and planned production orders:

To my mind this form only needs one addition and that’s the available capacity (from the resource calendar) – and I think I’d be tempted to use up another of my ‘Desert Island customisations’ to have that added – but even as it stands this is really useful summary inquiry.

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