Price/discount journal names in AX 2012

I might be the only person who doesn’t know this – but you can use a Price/Discount journal name to default a Price type.

In Dynamics AX we setup sales prices, purchase prices and discounts in the same Trade agreement table – all the records in the Trade agreement table have a type, the ‘Relation’ field.

In earlier versions of Dynamics AX you could update the Trade agreement table directly, but in Dynamics AX 2012 you create Price/discount journal.

There are two menu options, Sales and marketing > Journals > Price/discount agreement journals, and Procurement and sourcing > Journals > Price/discount agreement journals. You’ll quickly realise that these two menus actually open the same form:

Enter a name and the system sets the default Description from the Name. You’ll probably want to update that default description to something more meaningful (for instance “Spring 2015 parts sales price list”).

Rather disconcertingly, the Price/discount journal number isn’t filled in immediately, but it is filled when you save the record, or click on the Lines button:

And now you can see that you can create a Price/discount journal for Purchase prices or discounts, and Sales prices and discounts, (and a Postage discount – that’ll have to be another post, right now I have no idea what one of those is).

I always put up with the fact that the system defaulted the Relation to ‘Price (purch).’ – but no longer.

Price/discount agreement journal names are setup at Sales and marketing > Setup > Price/discount > Trade agreement journal names, and Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Price/discount > Trade agreement journal names, again both menu items lead to the same form:

Here is where you setup the default Relation. Let’s update the setup a bit and create one journal for Purchase prices, and one for Sales prices:

Now back on our Price/discount agreement journal form select one of our new names, and new lines are created with our default Relation:

That’s a nice little time saver.

5 thoughts on “Price/discount journal names in AX 2012

  1. I’m working on dynamics ax 2012 R3 CU8. I’m working on all the diferent posibilities of trade agreements and i can’t find any information on postage groups.

    Does anyone know how to and when to use this option?
    Anyone know some information about set up postage discount?

    Thank you!


  2. Tried this but it didn’t come up with the defaults drop down. We are using AX2012 R2, is this only an R3 function?


    • Hi Anthony, This was a new option to me, which is why I wrote the post, and I don’t know which version this enhance appeared in – but yes, the most likely answer is that this is an R3 enhancement.


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