Desert island customisations 5 of 8

Still counting down of my favourite modifications. This one’s really simple. From the item form (and from lots of other places like sales order lines, purchase order lines, inventory journal lines, and production orders) we can see Inventory transactions. Like most ‘Trade and Logistics’ consultants I spend a large part of my working day staring at inventory transactions. Here’s what we see:

What do I want? Well it’s really very simple, I’d like to have a ‘Unit cost’ column (Cost amount / Quantity) – when you’re working with FIFO or Weighted average costing it just makes those odd-ball inventory transaction much easier to find.

And while I’m on this – why does generic Inventory transaction inquiry form have a different format? Go to Inventory management > Inquires > Transactions > Transactions and you see:

Now we have an Adjustment column – that’s good, let’s add that to our shopping list for columns on the Items > Transactions form – but all those useful transaction references (sales order and the like) are missing – they need to be added to this form.

And finally, in earlier versions of Dynamics AX there used to be a report at Inventory management > Reports > Transactions > Transactions that could be used for ad-hoc reporting (like for instance “give me all of the inventory transactions posted as movement journal adjustments last month”) that’s gone, and I can’t think why.

A couple of years ago, prompted by a user request, we developed an Inventory transaction display that behaved like the on-hand form. On the on-hand form if you hide an inventory dimension you see the totals of the remaining, displayed inventory dimensions, for instance, for this item with Location and Licence plate displayed you see a lot of detailed on-hand records:

Hide the Location and Licence plate columns and you just see the total in each warehouse:

Well we did the same on an Inventory inquiry screen (total Quantities and Cost amounts) – at the time I thought it was pretty cute, not so sure now though.


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