Report as finish with a route card journal in AX 2012

We were talking about integrating Dynamics AX with a production Manufacturing Execution (MES) system and fell to talking about the route card journal and how it can be used to perform a production order report as finished (and incidentally back-flush consume components by posting a picking list journal at the same time).

It’s a versatile little beastie – let’s take a closer look.

You’ll know that there are three production order journals: a Picking list journal; a Route card journal; and a Report as finished journal. Actually there’s a fourth – the Job card journal, (but what have the Romans every done for us?). The only difference I know of between a Job card journal and a Route card journal is that the Job card journal lets you specify the start and end time of each production task (job) as well as the total time taken (hours) – and the Job card journal can only be used with Job scheduled production orders – not with Operations scheduled orders.

We need a production order route to use the Route card journal, and I’m using an item with a route with two operations – although increasingly I’m seeing production order setup that only use one route operation, I want to demonstrate something about the route card journal. Here’s my Item and its Route:

Incidentally here’s the Bill of material:

And as you can see, all my BOM lines have a Flushing principle of ‘Finish’, and I’ve assigned my components to one or other of the two operations, and I’m keeping my eye on the BOM Line type – these components are all normal BOM lines (Line type = Item).

Let’s create a production order:

And start it with these parameters:

So I’m asking the system to create me a route card (but not post it) and I don’t want a picking list journal to be created. After I click OK I can see that my production order was Operations scheduled (based on a Production control parameter), and I can see my Route card journal:

The Route card journal lines show:

Basically this’ll just save me a bit of typing – but as you’ll see in a moment you can create your own Route card journal. I’m going to delete the second line, update my actual hours and tick ‘Operation complete’; and ‘BOM Consumption’. If I try to tick ‘Production report as finished’ I get the error “Only feedback for the last operation can be production reported as finished” – which is why I started this walk-through with two operations:

Post and OK gives me:

Incidentally the Picking list journal number is recorded on the Route card journal line:

Let’s take a look at the Picking list journal line:

Completely unsurprisingly the picking list is for the four components with Operation 10 as their ‘Deliver to’ operation.

Now let’s create a new route card journal for the second and last operation and this time tick ‘Production report as finished’:

I inserted this screen-shot to point out that there’s a ‘Reported as finished’ flag set on Operation 10. As if we didn’t have enough confusion already by the subtle meanings of Reported as finished – that flag was updated because we ticked ‘Operation complete’ on the first route card posting.

Here’s the second route card journal ready to post:

I accepted the default resource here but could have entered a different one if I wanted to record actual production happening at a work centre different from the schedule, and on the General tab I can record an actual Worker, and on the Setup tab over-write the default hourly or per piece rate.

This time post gives me a Picking list journal and a Report as finished journal:

Again – no surprises – here is the Picking list journal lines:

And here is the Report as finish journal:

And my production order status is set to ‘Reported as finished’:

As I said at the beginning this came out of a conversation about integration with an MES system because there’s a standard AIF class for Route card journals – and as you can see above, you get three for the price of one!