The Job registration form in AX 2012

Many moons ago there was a ‘Shop floor data collection’ module in Dynamics AX – now we find that in the Production control module we have a menu item called Job registration:

The menu option opens this form:

And now you’re probably stuck – and you might even find that you can’t close the form. You can close the form – you have to use Ctrl-Q. And we’ll need to do a bit of setup before you’re going to be able to log on. So close the form and let’s head over to Human resources and start the setup. This form can be used as a clock-on / clock-off attendance recording – but I’m going to try to switch off those functions so we can concentrate on production order reporting. Firstly I need to locate my employee record in Human resources > Common > Workers > Workers and check that I have an Employment history version for the current company:

All good. Click on the Time registration tab and click Activate on registration terminals:

The TechNet help for this form is here.

We want to be active, and have an activation date of say, the first of the current month. The Calculation group, Default calculation group and Approval group and Profile group are easy to setup – I’m using the Demo Hyper-V image, and they’re setup for me, so we don’t really have an issue until we hit the Standard profile. In the demo data the standard profile looks like this:

Which gives you an indication of the richness of the functionality – but I’m going to try to ignore all of that by setting up a simple profile that will let me log on or off at any time on any day. I’ll start by setting up a new profile and work on a Monday:

And then I’m going to copy that day to all the other days. And then [m going to assign that as my standard profile.

When we get to the ‘Bundle’ checkbox we finally hit a setting that we’re interested in from a production reporting point of view. The help text says: “Select the New bundle check box to stop the worker’s active jobs when he or she starts a new job. If you clear the check box, new jobs are bundled with the jobs that the worker previously started, but that have not yet been stopped or completed.” We want to leave that ticked – we can now press OK to setup the worker as a Time registration worker. Oops. I forgot to mention the Supervisor options checkbox. No problem. Select the work record for edit, click onto the Employment tab and open the Time registration fast tab. Here’s all the setup we just did, and here’s where we can change it:

Notice also we now have access to the Identification field group that lets us enter a badge number or password. Before we can finish setting up this worker we need to take a look at the configuration of the Job registration form itself – this is pretty neat. The form has a lot of useful configuration options and they’re back in the Production control module. Production control > Setup > Manufacturing execution > Manufacturing execution parameters:

That ‘Badge number’ option that’s selected tells us that we’re logging by Badge number – so we need to setup the Badge number on our Worker record:

Sorry – we’ve still got more setup to check. Production control > Setup > Terminals > Configure registrations forms:

The configuration of the Job registration form is going to have to be a blog post of it’s own. There are a lot of options but I particularly like the option of being able to configure the buttons on the Action pane, and the fields on the list gris displayed on the form:

Wish that all Dynamics AX forms had this feature.

Incidentally if you can’t close the form (and have to use Ctrl-Q) it’s because ‘Disable close is selected on the Configure registration form setup. I’ve also selected ‘Lock employee’. That stops the job registration form from timing out and returning to the logon form. And one last thing to play with and we’re ready to go. Production control > Setup > Terminals > Terminals:

Tick Touch screen if you’re doing a demo – it makes the form look more interesting.

Finally, finally just one more thing. As its name implies, the Job registration form only works on production orders that are job scheduled, and released or started, make sure you have one ready to go. Here’s mine (demo data again): Production control > Common > Production orders > all production orders > View > Capacity reservations:

Let’s open the Job registration form again. Production control > Periodic > Manufacturing execution > Job registration

Now we can see the effect of the ‘Touch screen’ check box on the terminal setup – and I can log in using the Badge number 123456 which I set against my Time registration. If you see something like this then your profile needs a bit more work so that log on at any time of the day or night.:

Select any option and I get a list grid of production orders. I select my production order’s first operation and I see:

I’ve now got a button where I can start my job. Click on it (or press F1). The system pops up a small message telling me that I’ve started the job and the display focusses upon my jobs (the ones I’ve started):

The Report as finish button is now enabled. Click it and you’re reporting the job complete:

Well that form looks familiar – enter your good quantity (we don’t need to enter the time, because we’re being clocked from the time we started the job). Set the job status to completed (if you’ve completed the job) and click OK:

Another familiar form!

Let’s go a take a quick look at our production order. The route’s been updated:

And journals have been posted:

Why did we get a picking list journal? Well that’s another nice feature of this form, it uses its own Production order update parameters. They’re set at Production control > Setup > Manufacturing execution > Production parameters:

I hope this little demonstration has encouraged you to investigate this functionality – as you can see I’m still feeling my way through it, but there’s a very rich set of forms here that I think have been overlooked by most implementations.

Only tiny little grumble though. The use of the term ‘Manufacturing execution’ is a bit misleading. I preferred the old nomenclature of ‘Shop floor data collection’. MES systems typically bridge the gap between the ERP system and your actual production control equipment – this functionality lives entirely within Dynamics AX and doesn’t really justify the use of that moniker.


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    Here’s a cool blog about setting up time entry in the user interface of Dynamics AX 2012. Once configured, utilize the mobile app available on the windows store to enable other devices for clock in and out.


  2. Getting an error “the number sequences 0 does not exist” when I try and report feedback as completed


    • Hi, That’s a nightmare for me if I’m working in the demo hyper-v environment I can’t be sure what setup I’ve missed. The first place I’d look for this missing number sequence is Production control > Setup > Manufacturing execution > Manufacturing execution parameters. If that doesn’t fix it, and you’re in a test environment you could try running the number sequence wizard, or less brutal, talk to a friendly developer and get the error message de-bugged so you can work out what number sequence reference the form’s looking for.
      If you want more information on the Job registration form though, pop over to Fredrik Saetre’s blog (the link is on the top right of this page) – he’s really gone to town on this area.


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