Desert island customisations 3 of 8

Counting down of my favourite modifications. There are lots of variants of this one, and this variant was developed by Steve Koppens (lately of Intergen, now of Microsoft). It’s a customisation that lets you define a colour bar, optionally with some text, that’ll appear on virtually every form – so you can know at a glance which environment (TEST or PROD) and which company you’re logged into. Bet you’ve never spent all morning configuring the system only to finally look at the bottom of the form and notice that you’ve been logged into the wrong system?

So in this customisation there’s a ‘Configuration’ button on the Company form, Organisation administration > Setup > Organisation > Legal entities:

It allows us to define different text that’ll be displayed (although mostly these elements can be displayed in the status bar of standard forms), but more importantly it lets us define the colour of the text bar – which shows on pretty much every form throughout the system. It’s a real time-saver.


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