Desert island customisations 2 of 8

So, if you could only make 8 customisations to Dynamics AX what would they be?

Here’s my number 2. Number 1 is here .

On the inventory on-hand form there’s a ‘Quantity adjustment’ button. Well there is if you’re running with a System Administrator user role – most normal users would not have access to that button, because although it’s incredibly useful when you’re testing the system it isn’t actually a button that you’d want a normal warehouse user to have access to. Apart from the dubious advantage of users being able to correct on-hand inventory without restriction – the button also suffers from the disadvantage that it writes a ‘Counting’ inventory transaction without reference to a source document journal. Inventory management > Common > On-hand:

But there is a function that would be useful to a normal warehouse worker, and that’s a ‘Quick transfer’ button. In this customisation we’re allowing the user to select some on-hand inventory and then the system opens a data capture form that lets them define a new location, and then writes and posts a transfer journal:

There are a few nice things about this modification: firstly creating a transfer journal is no fun at all, you have to specify the from and to inventory dimensions and the system doesn’t help you with any useful defaults; secondly, the transfer journal lets you change all the inventory dimensions, so it’s possible to accidentally change configuration or batch number; and finally, to add insult to injury, you have to enter the transfer journal line quantity as a negative (because it’s an issue from the ‘From location’). Yes, it’s true, I really don’t like typing transfer journals – but I really like it when we have added a Quick transfer button to the On-hand form.


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