‘Desert island customisations 1/8’

In the long running BBC radio programme ‘Desert Island Disks’ guests are asked to choose the eight records they’d take with them if they were marooned on a Desert Island.

Here’s the first of my ‘Desert Island Customisations’ – if I was only allowed 8 customisations to Dynamics AX what would they be?

There’s a ‘New > Sales order‘ button on the customer forms. For instance go to Sales and marketing > Common > Customers > All customers, and look at the Sell action tab:

I’ve worked with many customers who don’t enter quotations into Dynamics AX, (or use them very infrequently), so I’d like to see the New > Sales order and New > Sales quotations buttons reversed. Fortunately that’s very easy to do.

Just as a demonstration (don’t do this in your LIVE system), Right-click > Personalize your form and on the Information page click Edit:

The system opens the Application Object Tree (AOT) definition of your form:

You’ll need the Properties pane in a few moments – if you can’t see it, click on the little button that I’ve high-lighted above. Expand the Designs tree until you can see the New > Sales quotation and New > Sales order buttons:

Now this barely qualifies as programming, but you can see that the Sales quotation button has a property called ‘Big’. Change that, change the property on the New > Sales order button and drag the Sales order button above the Sales quotation button. You get:

Save your changes and close the AOT forms. Close the Customer list page and re-open it:

You’ll have to repeat this change on the ‘Edit in grid’ and Edit customer forms – and then you’re done.


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