Backorder sales order lines in AX 2012 R3

We’d all like to live in a perfect world, but we don’t, so sometimes you’re going to be out of stock and you’re going to have to ship part of a sales order.

I’ve setup a sales order for two items, and part shipped one item.

We have Form setup to allow us to print the backorder information on the packing slip / delivery note and invoice.

Accounts receivable > Setup > Forms > Form setup > Packing slip:

With ‘Backorder tracking’ set to ‘Not delivered’, in the unlikely event that you’re using the standard forms design, your packing slip will show:

The process now is that we’re going to receive the remaining stock and then we’re going to want to release the sales order to the warehouse for picking, and despatch it. I need to acknowledge the help I got from Angelo Jebamony at Intergen in finding this set-up.

There are a couple of key parameters hidden away in odd places. The first is an Accounts receivable (or customer specific) parameter.

Accounts receivable > Setup > Accounts receivable parameters > Warehouse management:

(You can set the same parameters on the Warehouse management fast tab on the customer).

These parameters allow you to define a threshold for release to warehouse, based on a fulfilment rate percentage quantity or value – and define whether the threshold is in effect, or generates a warning, or error message (Obviously I had it set to ‘Warning’ to setup the part shipment above, but I’m setting it to ‘Error’ for the rest of this scenario).

If you’ve worked with Advanced warehousing you’ll know that sales order lines need to be reserved before they can be released to the warehouse for picking. You could setup Automatic reservation for sales order entry (another Accounts receivable parameter) – but that only works if the inventory’s available when you create the sales order. In most businesses it would be completely impracticable to have to return to each backorder sales order line and manually reserve it after receipt of missing items, so you need to enable reservation at release to warehouse – and that is a setting on the warehouse.

Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse setup > Warehouses:

As you’d expect, the batch jobs are found in the Warehouse management Periodic menu:

I’ll do a partial receipt (but not enough to take me about my 90% quantity threshold), and then setup and run the ‘Automatic release of sales orders’ job:

And that setup gives me a nice Infolog:

Now let’s bring in the rest of the items and re-run the job:

It goes without saying of course that you can setup these jobs as recurring batch jobs running when-ever you want, with what-ever filters are required to automate your sales order picking release to warehouse (so why did I just say that).


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