Vendor batch registration in AX 2012

For purchased, batch tracked, raw materials and items, the inventory batch master allows you to record a vendor batch number for your own internal batch number:

Inventory management > Inquires > Dimensions > Batches:

These details are updated via the ‘Reset vendor batch details’ menu option shown above, but you can also setup the system to prompt you to enter this information when you are receiving a purchase order.

There is a ‘Purchase registration’ setup option on the Item model group (Inventory management > Setup > Inventory > item model groups):

Let’s setup an item using this Item model group, a tracking dimension group with batch tracking, and a batch number group which creates batch numbers automatically (and sets the batch number to the purchase order number). Then create a purchase order:

We’ll use the Arrival overview to start the receipt process (Inventory management > Periodic > Arrival overview):

Select the purchase order / lines and click ‘Start arrival’. The system creates an arrival journal for the selected lines and displays an Infolog:

Double-click on the journal number in the Infolog as a short-cut to the journal (or from the Arrival overview form use the Journals > Show arrivals from lines option). The system takes you to the Journal header:

(As an aside, later we’re going to post the Purchase order product receipt from this journal header. On the General tab is a field where you can enter the Packing slip / Delivery note number. I like to personalise this form to show that field in the overview grid and enter it at this point). Also I’m not using pallets here so I need to un-tick the ‘Check picking locations’ option on the journal names setup (or the journal header, and lines).

Click on the Lines button to display the lines:

Here’s where you are going to record the put-away location for your items and confirm the received quantity. There’s a function to split lines (but beware of the function to delete lines – it deletes all lines, not just the one you’ve selected).

When you click ‘Post’ to register the receipt, after the journal is posted, a pop-up form appears, and here’s where you record the vendor batch details:

If you select the Batch number line in the bottom grid you can use the document handler to attach documents to the Inventory batch record, and you can use the Description tab to record any other relevant details.

Close the Vendor batch details and Arrival journal lines forms, and post the Purchase order product receipt from the journal header and you’re done.

Of course, you’ll be wanting to use the new Warehouse management functionality, so create a purchase order as above and then use Purchase Receive in the Warehouse management mobile functions:

Enter the purchase order number:

Enter the item:

Enter the quantity:

And confirm the unit of measure:

And the system displays:

If you leave any fields blank you’ll get a warning, and then you get:

From the purchase order you can see that your purchase order receipt is registered, and the vendor batch details have been recorded:

That’s really cool.


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