WHS product receipt data capture with a Work audit template in AX 2012 R3.

So I guess you’re familiar with the product receipt and put-away workflow in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Advanced warehousing (WHS). But I never like to take things for granted, so let’s create a purchase order for a WHS warehouse. Procurement and sourcing > Common > Purchase orders > All purchase orders:

For reasons that I’ll explain later, we need to use the two stage product receipt process. First we perform a warehouse product receipt using a mobile device menu item like this. Warehouse management > Mobile device > Mobile device menu item:

And then we perform the put-away work using a mobile device menu item like this:

So let’s do the product receipt:

The system’s generated a licence plate and registered our purchase order line into the default purchase order receipt location for the warehouse:

And of course we now have put-away work to perform in the warehouse. Warehouse management > Common > Work > Open purchase work:


So let’s perform that work:

And our work is done:

Now let’s create a work audit template that will capture the vendor’s delivery note number. Warehouse management > Setup > Work > Work audit template:

That setup is pretty self-explanatory. I’m triggering this event before I do any work on a new WorkId, and I’m capturing one data field. Notice that I have the option of entering a custom method to process the data I capture, but that’s way beyond my level of competence.

Now add that to the Purchase order put-away Mobile menu item. Warehouse management > Mobile device > Mobile device menu item:

Now let’s perform the purchase order item receiving as before and generate our put-away work, and again perform the put-away work:

And the work audit template triggers a data capture form:

OK, and we’re back to our pick/put flow:

The data’s written to a table found at Warehouse management > Inquires > Work audit data capture:

And as you can see I experimented with a multi-line data capture (three fields in the same workflow) and that worked just fine.

The only issues I’ve had setting this up were that I’d really like to perform this data capture at the Purchase order item receiving step – but there’s no option to add the work audit template to that menu option. And I tried adding the Work audit template to the Mobile menu item that does the combined purchase order item receiving and put-away work, and got a stack trace error. However those are minor issues, and I guess easy to fix.

So why did I choose to capture the vendor delivery note number? Well in an earlier post

https://timsaxblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/automatic-product-receipt-in-whs-ax-2012-r3/ I setup automatic product receipt job in WHS and found that I’d lost the option to capture the vendor delivery note, but that which was lost is now found.