Automatic product receipt in WHS (AX 2012 R3)

When you compare the purchase order receipt and production order receipt processes using advanced warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics AX you’ll notice that the production order put-away processes seem to have the edge on the purchase order receipt processes.

If you perform a production order report as finished in the client, you’ll automatically generate put-away work in the warehouse, and if you perform a ‘Report as finish and put away’ transaction in the mobile client you update the ‘Reported as finished’ quantity on the production order. To my mind that’s perfect, and it’s exactly how you’d want the system to behave.

But the receipt process for a purchase order isn’t quite as slick. You can’t post a product receipt from the purchase order in the Dynamics AX client and generate put-away work. You have to perform a purchase order product receipt (by item or by purchase order line) in the mobile client, and that generates the put-away work. The mobile client transaction registers your purchase receipt, and then you have to go to the purchase order in the Dynamics AX client and post the purchase receipt from the purchase order.

There is an alternative solution – but it requires an inbound load, so let’s start by setting the parameter to create a load automatically when we create a purchase order. Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse management parameters:

We also need a Mobile device menu item, and this is the one I setup. Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile device > Mobile device menu item:

Then I created a purchase order, for 100 off, and processed a receipt for all 100, which now show as registered into the default receipt location, and of course by purchase order status is ‘Open order’ (even though I’ve just lugged 100 boxes from one side of the warehouse to the other). Procurement and sourcing > Common > Purchase orders > All purchase orders:

So now, I could post the product receipt from the purchase order, and that could work perfectly if I wanted some back-office wallah to check documentation or certificates etc., but if that isn’t required as part of your business process, you’re going to think that this additional step isn’t adding any value. So let’s try to eliminate it.

There’s a batch job at Warehouse management > Periodic > Update product receipts:

So the default Select query’s not much use. There are Inbound and Outbound loads, and of course we’re only interested in inbound loads, so I’ve setup a filter query like this:

Now if you run that job on-line it opens the Purchase order product receipt posting form, and fills in a default Product receipt number for you:

That gives you the chance to enter the vendor’s real delivery note number, but you can accept the default which the system’s generated from a number sequence. When you click OK you’re presented with the next purchase order’s product receipt posting form. That’s better, but not much better.

Let’s try running the job as a batch job. Unfortunatley in the Hyper-V demo image I’m using throws an error:

But there’s a really simple hotfix available for this issue – and the hotfix is included in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9. Of course if you do this automatic product receipt as a batch job you won’t get the vendor’s delivery note captured on the product receipt journal, but for simple warehousing environment this looks like a useful option.


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    • Hi sorry for the slow delay – I’ve been on holiday. The Hotfix is KB3055205 “Stack trace error when running “Update products receipts” batch job after receipt of products in warehouse module.


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