Data import into a simple table Dynamics AX 2012 R3

I was reading a post on the Microsoft Dynamics AX community web-site (at and a reply by André Arnaud de Calavon reminded me that there’s a ‘Table’ option available when you setup a Data import export framework ‘Target entity’

Here’s an example.

Go to Data import export framework > Setup > Target entities. Click New and select Table for the Entity type:

Select your Application module and give the Entity a name, then enter your target table name in the Staging table, like:

(The drop-list on Staging table doesn’t seem to work for me, no matter, that’s one of few table names in Dynamics AX that I actually know).

Note that Entity class and Target entity are blank.

As normal with the DIEF, go to Data import export framework > Common > Processing group, create a new processing group and then click on the Entities button. Enter/select your Entity and Source format:

Then click ‘Generate source file’ to run the wizard, Select the fields you want to import and Click Generate sample file, and save that somewhere as a .csv file:

Then edit that file and put in some import data:

You should be way ahead of me by now. Save that file (don’t forget to close out of Excel) and set it as the Sample file path, and Click on Generate source mapping.

If you want, click on Preview source file to check that all is well.

Now back on the Processing group click ‘Get staging data’. Then OK:

Then Run, and OK again:

I get:

Notice, ‘Inserted in target’.

Let’s go take a look:

That’s really neat. Thanks André.