The sales and marketing document handler in Dynamics AX 2012

The other day I was re-united with an old friend – the document handler in what used to be the CRM module (now of course, Sales and marketing).

It’s got two really cool features:

  • You can drag’n’drop files and emails
  • It displays attachments from related documents.

But it hides its light under a bushel.

For instance, open a sales quotation and you see:

Click on that attachments button and you get the standard document handler:

But, as they say in those really annoying adverts, “but wait, there’s more ….”

On the General tab there is a Documents button – and it opens the Sales and marketing document handler:

So you can see right away that a lot more information is displayed – there are a lot more option buttons – and also that there is a ‘Drag files here’ target area.

To get that to work, you have to do some configuration. Sales and marketing > Setup > Sales and marketing parameters > Documents:

Define an ‘Attach file’ type of document for the two types of e-mails, and for file attachments.

Now back to our document handler. To drag’n’drop emails you have to be running the AX client on the same desktop as your Outlook client:

On receipt of an email like that you’re going to open Dynamics AX and create a quote, then open the document handler:

Now go back into Outlook, and simply drag that email onto the ‘Drag files here’ target. (Don’t worry if Outlook hides the Documents window – just drag the email down to the task bar, and hover over the Dynamics AX windows, when they pop-up drag onto the Documents window, and when that opens drag onto the target). You get:

It’s quick, easy, and fun.

Dragging files works more or less the same way – just drag them out of any folder window.

Now if that quote had been related to a Prospect I can go to the Prospect, open the Documents and see the attachment:

Under-rated, forgotten, and soon to be history I fear. CRM Document handler I will miss you.